FFG Projects

ReNOx - Integrated Production of an Industrial Denitrification Agent from Residues of Biogas and Wastewater Treatment Plants (Subcontract)
Head: M. Ellerdorfer (VTIU); K. Stocker, 01.07.2014- 31.10.2017

Wolfram Felbertal - Development of a new genesis & exploration model for the tungsten deposit Felbertal
J.G. Raith & M. Kozlik, 01.02.2012 - 31.01.2015

Coltan in Austria - Optimisation of the prospecting methodology for the search of primary coltan deposits in Austria
J.G. Raith & K. Stocker, 01.05.2013- 30.09.2014

FWF Projects

Diffusion of fluids through anhydrous minerals (quartz) (P22446)
R. J. Bakker, 01.10.2010 - 30.09.2014

Analysis of aqueous solutes in experimental and natural aqueous fluid inclusions by cryogenic Raman spectroscopy (P18209)
R. J. Bakker, 01.10.2005 - 30.06.2009

Low-temperature transport of platinum-metals and selenium (P17128)
E. Stumpfl, 27.01.2004 - 27.01.2007

Genesis and Platinmineralization of the Guli Massif (P16440)
O. A. R. Thalhammer, 27.01.2003 - 32.12.2006

Fluid inclusions in metamorphic minerals (P14728)
G. Hoinkes (Univ. Graz) & L. W. Diamond, 01.08.2001 - 31.12.2004

Genesis of orogenic gold veins in the NW Alps (P14481-CHE)
L. W. Diamond, 15.07.2000 - 14.07-2003

Base metall deposits, Rum Jungle, N.T., Australia (P14293)
E. Stumpfl, 01.07.2000 - 30.06.2004

Relict's of the Earth's mantle in the Eastern Alps: Geochemical, petrological and geotectonic evolution
F. Melcher, 01.09.1997 - 31.12.1999

Environmental Mineralogy Applied To Areas Contaminated By Sulphide Ore Processing in Northern Finland, Northern Norway and Adjoining Parts of the Kola Peninsula, Russia. (P11983)
E. Stumpfl, 01.01.1997 - 31.03.2001

Granulite-amphibolite facies in high-temperature low-pressure terrains (P11897 - TEC)
J. G. Raith,

Isotopic studies of layered mafic-ultramafic intrusions in N Finland (P10319)
O. A. R. Thalhammer, 01.05.1995 - 30.06.1998

Lise Meitner Program

The nature of subcontinental mantle and its fluids (M866)
Federica Zaccarini, 04.10.2004 - 30.09.2005

The nature of subcontinental mantle and the role of fluid: evidence from unconventional accessory minerals in the Finero complex, Western Alps, Italy (M738)
Federica Zaccarini, 01.09.2003 - 01.10.2004

Platinum-group elements geochemistry and mineralogy in eastern Alpine ultramafic massifs (M601)
Kreshimir N. Malitch, 01.12.2000 - 01.10.2001

Platinum-group elements geochemistry and mineralogy in Eastern Alpine ultramafic massifs (M505)
Kreshimir N. Malitch, 01.10.1999 - 01.12.2000

Austrian Academy of Science

Characterisation of the formation conditions of selected gold-bearing fahlerz deposits in the greywacke zone
J. G. Raith

Genesis of the El Guayabo gold deposits
L. W. Diamond, 01.07.2000 - 30.06.2001

Austrian Exchange Service

Aktion Österreich - Ungarn

Investigation of the effects of fluid immigration on some fissure rock bodies of the Tisza unit (62öu4).
R. J. Bakker, M. T. Tividar, July 2005 (approved)

Comparison of paleofluid evolution of neighbouring metamorphic complexes (Szeghalom, Mezsas, Furta) of the Pannonian Basin (53öu4)
R. J. Bakker, M. T. Tividar, Jan. 2003 (approved)