Laser Raman Microprobe

Responsible staff member: Dr. Ronald J. Bakker

1 Jobin Yvon LABRAM confocal-Raman spectrometer equipped with a frequency-doubled Nd-YAG laser (100 mW, 532.2 nm) and with a He-Ne laser (633 nm), and diffraction gratings of 1200 and 1800 grooves/mm. Detection is with a Peltier-cooled, slow-scan, CCD matrix-detector. Laser focussing and sample viewing are performed through an Olympus BX 40 microscope fitted with 10X, 50X and 100X long-working distance objective lenses (allowing viewing in reflected- and transmitted-light). Samples can be held at controlled temperatures between -190 and 600 °C using a Linkam THMSG 600 heating-freezing stage.

Sample images are acquired through a colour video-camera and projected on a video monitor. Both the Raman spectra and the sample images are processed on a 333 MHz Pentium computer.

Applications: Quantitative analysis of gas and other covalent aqueous components in natural and synthetic fluid inclusions, under controlled temperatures (-190 to 600 °C). Qualitative identification of solids (e.g. minerals in rocks and in fluid inclusions), by comparison with reference spectra.

Location: Laboratory 026

Further Information:Fluid Inclusion Laboratory